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Sortis Income Fund Produces Net Annualized Return of 8.02% During Q3 of 2022

Sortis Income Fund Achieves Strong Performance: Q3 2022 Net Annualized Return of 8.02%

[PORTLAND, OR]- Sortis, LLC (“Sortis”), a Portland, Oregon-based alternative investment fund manager, announced that the Sortis Income Fund, LLC produced a net annualized return of 8.02% during the third quarter of 2022. The Sortis Income Fund (“SIF”) is an unleveraged mortgage fund that focuses on short-term, first position loans collateralized by commercial real estate.

“Interest rates have continued to climb and inflation remains persistent. Any sort of volatility in the economy is generally good for private finance. Accordingly, the Sortis Income Fund continues to demonstrate strong growth and above-market yields. We have grown 40% year-to-date and the fund has returned 9.3% net, to investors, year-to-date through Q3. Our unlevered structure, strong underwriting, and solid performance since inception continue to drive allocators as well as retail investors to SIF,” said Jef Baker, SIF Managing Director.

“Despite pressure on all corners of the economy, our loan portfolio continued to perform well. Being unlevered with a 62.6% loan-to-value across the portfolio, we believe that Q3 highlights that even in a challenging quarter, SIF is able to protect investor principal and deliver a strong yield. While many of our levered competitors deal with tightening credit markets and stoppages in deal flow, we remain able to choose the most attractive risk-adjusted opportunities available, providing borrowers with certainty of execution,” added Sam Ross, SIF Managing Director. The Sortis Income Fund and its other investment offerings are accessible via major national investment platforms or directly from Sortis at

About Sortis Income Fund
Sortis Income Fund is an evergreen real estate loan fund offered through private placement to accredited investors. The fund is managed by Sortis, LLC. The fund has a conservative focus on holding real estate loans. Sortis, with deep roots in the Northwest, has developed a broad network over many years in banking and finance and has earned a reputation as a high-quality private lender that can execute efficiently.

About Sortis, LLC
Sortis, LLC is a leader in diversified alternative investment strategies focused on real estate, lending, and acquisitions. Sortis Funds include the Sortis Income Fund, The Sortis Real Estate Investment Trust, the Sortis Rescue Fund, and Sortis Opportunity Zone Funds. Operating under the principles of client focus, integrity, hard work, and creativity, Sortis, LLC provides its accredited investors with well-managed, diverse asset-based investment strategies. Learn more at