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Sortis Income Fund

Sortis Income Fund

Sortis Income Fund

Sortis sponsors and manages the Sortis Income Fund (“SIF”), an un-leveraged, evergreen investment fund focused on the acquisition of senior loans collateralized by real estate in Western US markets. SIF’s disciplined approach and rigorous risk management results in a diversified loan portfolio generating stable, high yielding fixed-income returns for investors, all without the use of leverage.

Sortis’ real estate and banking expertise allows SIF to selectively deploy capital in an environment where high demand for financing is not being met by traditional financial institutions.

Equity membership units in the fund are offered to Accredited Investors through a Regulation D private placement securities offering.

Fund Highlights

  • Minimum Investment: $25,000, available to Accredited Investors only
  • Distributions: Quarterly
  • Redemption/Liquidity: Available after 6 months, subject to available funds, in order requested
  • Maximum Offering: $100 million
  • Tax Reporting: Schedule K-1
  • Management Fee: 1.75% of assets under management
  • Profit Participation: 15% of net profits of the fund
  • Available on the larger investment platforms and most self-directed IRA platforms

Investment Strategy

  • Acquisition of senior loan collateralized by real estate.
  • Take advantage of inefficiency in the marketplace with banks pulling back on commercial real estate lending
  • Speed and certainty of execution to differentiate SIF from banks and other competition. We can close as fast as a week.
  • Loan criterion generally includes:
    • 1st-position lien
    • $250,000 to $6,000,000
    • Short-term maturities (12 to 18 months)
    • Experienced real estate operators and repeat Borrowers
    • Loan types include residential construction, residential non-owner occupied, commercial, small to mid-size commercial bridge

Sortis Advantage

  • Founders and partners have proven investment management and deep operating experience, positioning us to identify opportunities with excellent risk adjusted returns.
  • Our funds are focused on real estate in the Western US, with a concentration in the Pacific Northwest, where we have an excellent network and hands on experience in the market.
  • Fund Managing Directors are personally invested in our funds and Fund Managers are compensated on the fund performance to align interests with our investors.

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