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Sortis REIT

Sortis REIT

Sortis REIT

Sortis sponsors and manages the Sortis Real Estate Investment Trust (“Sortis REIT”), a non-traded perpetual real estate investment trust focused on the acquisition of core and core plus real estate assets. The Sortis REIT uses creative sourcing and hands-on management resulting in a diversified asset portfolio generating stable cash flows with longterm appreciation. The private REIT vehicle allows Sortis to provide cash flow in a tax advantageous manner and allow exposure to real estate equity as a hedge to inflation.

Equity shares in the fund are offered to Accredited Investors through a Regulation D private placement offering in a non-traded perpetual real estate investment trust vehicle.

Fund Highlights

  • Minimum Investment: $25,000 (Accredited Investors only)
  • Distributions: Quarterly
  • Redemption/Liquidity: Available after 6 months, subject to available funds and advisor discretion, capped at 2% quarterly and 5% annually
  • Maximum Offering: $1 billion
  • Management Fee: 1.25% of Net Asset Value (“NAV”)
  • 12.5% of profits after 5% preferred and high water mark with catch up provision (more detail in offering documents)

Investment Strategy

  • Acquisition of stabilized (or readily stabilized) real estate assets that can produce near term cash flow and long term appreciation
  • Primarily off-market sourced transactions that keep us out of competitive bidding process
  • Deal sizes $2M to $20M so we can stay under the larger REIT competition
  • Sortis Holdings, Inc. provides us a strong operations team and platform of brands to enhance acquisitions through curation of retail experience
  • Asset classes include multifamily, hotel, retail, office, light industrial and life science
  • In the near term, we view multifamily and industrial as overbought categories. In addition, when reviewing acquisition opportunities, we turn away five deals for every one we select to do further due diligence on

Sortis Advantage

  • Founders and partners have proven investment management and deep operating experience, positioning us to identify opportunities with excellent risk adjustment returns
  • Focused on the US with a concentration in Western States, where we have a proven network and deal flow
  • Boutique sized fund so we do not have to force opportunities in a frothy market
  • Unique access to deals through our various relationships from lending and development
  • Advisor staff members are personally invested in our funds and are compensated on the fund performance to align interests with our investors