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Rescue Fund

Rescue Fund

Introducing the Sortis Rescue Fund

Sortis has launched the Sortis Rescue Fund to capitalize on the dislocation and market stress caused by the COVID-19 pandemic and subsequent economic fallout. While we do not believe the recession will be as long as previous recessions, it is proving to be deep and intense enough to create situational distressed opportunities, particularly in hospitality, retail, office, and select operating businesses.

Our team consistently finds a wide range of opportunities to deploy capital on behalf of investors across changing economic environments and market cycles, and this time of national and global distress is no exception. The SRF will not make broad market acquisitions but rather will source and acquire specifically targeted distressed assets in situations with strong value enhancement.

Sortis is uniquely suited for rescue and distress and the complexity surrounding it

The core senior team at Sortis has vast rescue and distress experience including but not limited to working at all levels of the capital stack, placing debt and equity, acquiring distressed loans and REO, finishing particularly complicated projects, restructures, and bankruptcy. This distressed fund brings together the varied backgrounds and areas of expertise across the Sortis team.

We have hands on experience at scale for even the largest most complex development projects, as proven by the $500+ million Macy’s project in Seattle. Our affiliated developer and construction management team have completed well over $1 billion in projects of all property types. Moving forward, Sortis will be considering distressed real estate opportunities as part of the Sortis Rescue Fund.

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